How to Choose Between Graduate Schools

Hello to everybody! So, hopefully, I can say this: CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve followed Gurufi’s advice on the grad school admissions process, and now you’ve got a wonderful problem… choosing from among multiple offers at great schools.

In this video, I talk about how to pick a graduate program when you have multiple offers. Many of you have received numerous graduate school offers, and I realize that you may be feeling a little overwhelmed right now. Be at ease; I’m here to help! Here are a list of what I see as the most important considerations:


Hey there, decision-makers! 🎉CONGRATS🎉! You’re crushin’ it with multiple grad school offers, thanks to Gurufi’s advice! Now, how do you pick the one? Chill, I’m here to help! 💆‍♂️💆‍♀️Let’s break it down: 📝 1️⃣💰: Funding first! Grad school ain’t cheap. How are you paying for it? Loans? Scholarships? Fellowships? Investigate! And remember, schools’ offers reflect how they see you: priority or cash cow? 🐄 #showmethemoney gradschoolfunding2️⃣👩‍🏫: Mentorship matters! Is the school’s program solid? Chat with students: do they feel supported, get pro advice, and have profs on speed dial? 📞 You’ll need a mentor, so check! #mentorshipgoals gradschoolbuddies3️⃣🎓: Student-centric vibes? See if the school involves students in recruiting/admissions. It’s a fab way to learn about the REAL school life! 🕵️‍♂️ #studentlife gradschoolvibesNow, weigh your options and remember, there’s no “wrong” choice! 🚫 It’s about the right fit for YOU! So, ditch the name-chasing and find YOUR happy place! 🥳🏫#personalstatement #gradschool #graduateschool #personalstatementhelp #howtowriteapersonalstatement #personalstatementtips #personalstatementadvice #personalstatementguide #personalstatementsamples #personalstatementmadness #majordecisions #findingtherightfit

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  • Funding is the first item you should think about. This may seem counterintuitive for people who view graduate school as being about passion, but money isn’t just money. What financing plan do you have for graduate school? Graduate school tuition can be paid for in a number different ways, such as with loans, fellowships, and scholarships. You’ll need to conduct some study to learn about your possibilities. AND, the options that the respective schools offer says something about how they view you as a candidate. Are you a priority, or just someone whose checks they’re willing to cash?

  • The school’s mentoring program is the next item you need to take into account. Is there a robust mentorship program there? Talk to students and ask if they feel supported, if they get useful professional guidance, and if they find it easy to schedule time with professors. This is significant since you’ll need someone to assist you during your graduate studies.

  • Is it a student-centric place? Last but not least, you should think about if the institution uses current students in the recruitment or admissions processes. This is a fantastic method to learn more about the school and what it’s like to attend.

After giving these things some thought, you’ll be ready to begin limiting your options. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong decision when selecting a graduate program. Finding a school that fits you, your aspirations and your needs is vital, so take everything into account and don’t just chase a fancy name!

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