Welcome GMATClub Global Fair! (download workbook below)

Hello to everyone from GMATClub’s Global Fair. Click the link below if you’re here to download  Personal Statement Workbook PDF. These activities are designed to get you to ask some important questions and to give you a customizable template for you to turn your experiences and strengths into a fantastic business school personal statement!

For folks who aren’t quite sure if they can do this on their own, I’d encourage you to sign up for our Biz School Bootcamp! It’s a two-day weekend bootcamp hosted via Zoom to take you from blank page and polished revised essay!

Included in the GMATClub Boot Camp Package:

  • Two days of instruction, activities, and live workshopping of student essays.
  • An hour-long individual essay consultation where you and one of Gurufi’s essay experts will go through your essay (or outline). Collaboratively, we will work to tighten your theme, improve your structure, and otherwise prepare you for the writing process.
  • A professional full revision of your admissions essay once you have a full draft
  • A 20% discount on future admissions essay editing
  • A $1,000 credit toward Comprehensive Admissions Writing service
  • $100 cash for every friend you sign up


October 31st: 11:30AM —> 7pm (Eastern Time, US)

November 1st: 1PM –> 6pm (Eastern Time, US)

Cost: $500 off with Coupon Code GMAT Club special pricing: $949

SIGN UP TODAY!! Limited enrollment.


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