Should I Go to Grad School? Asking Yourself the Tough Questions

You shouldn’t go to graduate school. When I worked as a professor at Harvard University, this is the advice that I always gave students who came to me asking about graduate school. It’s not that I didn’t think any of them should go, but rather I wanted to see if they would push back, articulate a reason for going, and demonstrate the kind of passion and grit they would need to survive -much less excel- in graduate school and beyond.

DON’T skip this part of the process. In this video, we help you to ask the hard questions you need to ask yourself regarding whether or not grad school is for you. In my decade helping clients earn admission into top graduate schools, I’ve often had to have the tough conversation with clients who are looking to attend graduate school for all the wrong reasons. In this edition of our ongoing series ‘Getting Into Graduate School’ we explore the question “should you go to graduate school?”

We cover common BAD reasons to go, some good ones, and start the difficult conversation about what it entails and what you’re facing once you graduate… IF you graduate. (more on that in future episodes!)

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