You Can Get Into Your Dream School Despite a Few Blemishes

We all mistakes because we’re all human. In my 16 years of working with clients and helping them get into top business schools, one of the most common things I’ve witnessed is accomplished and smart people who write off their chances at admission into a top school because they had a blemish or two on their CV. Perhaps they got a D- in Anthropology 101 in their freshman year, maybe they had early career struggles… whatever the cause, they use these missteps to psyche themselves out and convince themselves to believe that their applications are doomed to failure. This just isn’t true.

Today, I recorded this brief video to explain in broad strokes how to approach the challenge of an imperfect application. In coming days, I’ll expand on it in detail. There is hope, and if you’re thoughtful about your application, you can confront, contextualize, and overcome imperfections in your application. Of course, if you’re unsure about how, contact us at Gurufi; we’ve got years of experience helping people get into their dream programs! (there’s a reason our clients love us!)


Don’t let academic or professional setbacks derail your MBA application! Here’w how to address these concerns in your personal statement. #MBA

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