Admissions Tips for Indian MBA Applicants

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In this video, we speak with a successful Indian IT applicant to Harvard Business School about his journey to HBS.



For people from over-represented demographics and backgrounds, here are some additional tips for making your application stand out.


Breaking Barriers: How Indian IT Professionals Can Stand Out in Top MBA Admissions

In the highly competitive world of MBA admissions, candidates from over-represented demographics, particularly Indian IT professionals, often face unique challenges. With so many applicants boasting similar professional backgrounds and technical expertise, standing out from the crowd is crucial. This blog post aims to provide actionable insights for Indian IT workers aspiring to gain admission into top MBA programs.

Understanding the Challenge

Indian IT professionals are a significant presence in the global tech industry. While this demonstrates the strength and capabilities of this group, it also means that MBA admissions committees see a high volume of applications from this demographic. The key challenge is differentiation – how do you set yourself apart?


  1. Building a Unique Profile


Diversify Your Experience: Seek opportunities that go beyond typical IT roles. Leadership positions, international projects, or involvement in significant business decisions can add a unique flavor to your profile.


Pursue Passion Projects: Engaging in activities outside of work that showcase leadership, creativity, or community involvement can make your application more compelling.


  1. Highlighting Non-Technical Skills

Top MBA programs look for well-rounded individuals. Emphasize skills such as:

  • Leadership and Team Management: Showcase instances where you led a team, managed conflicts, or inspired innovation.
  • Cross-Cultural Communication: Highlight experiences working with global teams or clients, showcasing your ability to navigate diverse environments.
  • Business Acumen: Discuss any exposure to business strategy, marketing, or finance, which can be especially valuable if you’ve mostly had technical roles.


  1. Ace the GMAT/GRE

A strong GMAT or GRE score is critical. It not only reflects your academic readiness but also helps in setting you apart from peers with similar backgrounds.


  1. Craft a Compelling Narrative

Your application essays are a golden opportunity to narrate your unique story.

  • Connect the Dots: Illustrate how your past experiences, MBA, and future goals align.
  • Showcase Growth and Learning: Reflect on your journey, challenges overcome, and lessons learned.
  • Be Authentic: Authenticity resonates. Be honest about your aspirations and motivations.


  1. Strong Recommendations

Choose recommenders who know you well and can vouch for your abilities and potential. Guidance from mentors who’ve observed your professional growth can add significant value to your application.


  1. Networking and School Interaction

Engage with alumni and current students of your target programs. Attend MBA fairs, information sessions, and webinars. Such interactions can provide insights into the school culture and help tailor your application accordingly.


  1. Acing the Interview

Prepare for common MBA interview questions but also be ready to discuss your unique experiences in the IT sector. Practice articulating your story in a way that highlights your uniqueness.



The journey to a top MBA program as an Indian IT professional is challenging but achievable with the right strategy. It’s about showcasing your uniqueness, diversifying your experiences, and articulating your story compellingly. Remember, MBA programs are not just looking for candidates with impressive technical skills, but leaders who can bring diverse perspectives and drive change. With determination and thoughtful preparation, you can turn your dream of attending a top MBA program into a reality.

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