The Personal or the Professional? What to Emphasize in Your MBA Personal Statement

A vibrant and cheerful cartoon illustration depicting the balance between professional and personal life in an MBA personal statement. The image is divided into two sections with a large figure in the center balancing scales. On the left side, a group of well-dressed professionals discuss and hold documents in front of charts showcasing various professional achievements such as bar graphs and pie charts labeled "Professional Achievements." On the right side, a colorful and lively scene features a person engaging with family and personal activities, including a child holding a teddy bear and another playing. The background includes drawings of family, hobbies, and personal growth symbols. The large central figure in a suit, representing the MBA applicant, balances the scales with "Professional" on one side and "Personal" on the other, indicating the importance of maintaining a balance between career accomplishments and personal qualities. The overall theme suggests that a successful MBA personal statement should highlight both professional achievements and personal attributes.

How to Begin Your MBA Personal Statement

Cartoon illustration of two enthusiastic MBA applicants embarking on their journey, with a white male holding a laptop and giving a thumbs-up, and a South Asian woman holding a folder full of documents, both standing in front of a 'MBA Journey Starts Here!' sign with a university campus in the background
With a careful, smart plan, your MBA application process doesn’t have to be so hard!

It’s April, which means that many of you are beginning in earnest the process of applying for MBA programs. Congratulations on making this potentially life-changing decision!

In this video, we lay out five things to do to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead.

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